Hygienekonzept Leadsuccess

Hygiene Concept

This is the hygiene concept of the company convey Information Systems GmbH for the delivery of rental equipment and for customer support for LeadSuccess at trade fairs. This is based on the motto: The health of our customers and our employees is the most important goal!

Delivery and Return of Loaned Equipment

We certify that all technical equipment, all packaging material, all lanyards and similar items are either brand new, i.e. never used before, or have been completely cleaned and disinfected before each delivery. All rental equipment, cases, lanyards, etc. that were returned on or after the exhibition will be stored separately in one (or more) lockable case(s) or boxes. Our employees wear gloves when delivering and taking back loaned equipment.

Support Services at the Fair

Our support staff are obliged to the following hygiene measures:
  • They always wear mouth/nose protection indoors, with the following exception: they are in a closed room reserved for them only, without contact with other people, where they also eat and drink.
  • They also wear a mouth/nose protection outside on the exhibition grounds if the distance rule of 1.5 m cannot be observed.
  • If, for support reasons, they have to touch equipment that either belongs to the customer or has been rented to the customer, they do so only after the customer’s permission and after prior disinfection of their hands.
  • After each such touch, they disinfect their hands again.
  • As far as the support activities permit, they wear gloves when doing so.

The following employees do not provide support services at trade fairs. In an acute case, they immediately stop their support activities and leave the premises:
  • Persons who have had contact with COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days. They are obliged to report such contacts immediately.
  • Persons with acute, unspecific general symptoms and respiratory symptoms of any severity.