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The next generation of Lead Tracking – target-oriented, fun for your visitors, and no bother for you during the event.

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Leading-edge lead tracking with the LeadSuccess Kiosk

Key features

Easy to use

Just one click for the visitor to select a product. Just one scan for the visitor to enter the email address. And immediately, the email with the relevant information arrives in the visitor’s inbox.

Get and send high-quality data

The visitors select only the products they are interested in. As a result the visitors get only relevant information from you. And you learn most from your visitors.

Eye Catcher

The LeadSuccess Kiosk tower with its modern and sleek design is an eye-catcher which can be placed anywhere on your stand.

Very flexible and adaptible to your processes.

You want more than simple product selection? You want to group your products, build a tree, limit the number of selections? No problem with the LeadSuccess Kiosk!

How it works

The Kiosk

Your visitors collect
your leads

The visitor himself selects the products he is interested in.

The visitor automatically gets an email with more
information about these selected products.

The exhibitor gets perfect leads from the event.

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