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Leads are the essence of an event. LeadSuccess Mobile, the market-leading Lead Management APP, allows you to make the most out of it!

Boost your productivity on your Events

4 simple reasons why LeadSuccess Mobile is essential.

Key features


Forget about connection and internet problems; our app works both online and offline allowing you to collect your leads anywhere, anytime in a simple and efficient way. All data is securely stored on your device until an internet connection is re-established.


From a fully customizable questionnaire, to the colors of the app, to the thank you E-Mail you can send, LeadSuccess Mobile allows you full flexibility.


With just a few clicks you can collected and manage your leads in the most efficient way.


Simple interfaces, sleek and easy to use leads collection process will make you reach more people faster and more accurately.

How it works

Before the event

LeadSuccess scanner app installed to mobile phone

Download the app

LeadSuccess Mobile can be easily downloaded from all main App stores. The App is fully responsive and works on most of the current smartphones and tablets.

During the Event

Collect you contacts

Just scan the barcode or the QR code on the ticket, badge or business card of your visitor. The visitor´s address data is automatically shown on the screen of your tablet or smartphone.

QR Codes Bar Codes Business Cards

Add additional information

Define your leads either using the customisable digital questionnaire or adding information and sketches directly on your device.

Fully customizable intuitive responsive

After the Event

Get the Results

All information collected throughout the event can be easily exported to MS Excel, CSV and much more. We offer a variety of standard and custom made exports to get the most out of your leads.

interlegent data efficient evaluations Safe Storage

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