LeadSuccess Service Plus

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Lead Management with Leadsuccess Service Plus

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Device and Software Included

Key features

Integrated scanner for 1D and QR codes

LeadSuccess Service Plus includes a device with integrated scanner that allows fast and easy scanning of 1D and QR codes.

Customisable Questionnaire

LeadSuccess Service Plus allows you to add additional information about the visitors by filling out a completely customisable digital questionaire directly on the device.

No computer and no training needed

LeadSuccess Service Plus is a stand-alone solution. The data is automatically updated to the LeadSuccess Portal. If there is no Internet connection the data is locally stored on the device. As soon as an Internet connection is reestablished the data is automatically uploaded to the server.


Our support staff will help you during the whole process. Preparation, delivery, support during the tradeshow and post processing once the tradeshow ends.

How it works

Before the event

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LeadSuccess Service can be ordered from many fair organisers, exhibitor stores, or directly from us.

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During the Event

Scan the barcode / QR-Code on your visitor’s ticket or badge

The LeadSuccess Service scanner allows you to scan both badges and tickets of registered visitors at most tradeshows.

Scan Badges and Tickets
High Quality Hardware
Easy to use

Customisable questionnaire to qualify your visitors

LeadSuccess Service Plus allows you to add additional information through a customisable questionnaire. It allows you to also add notes, signatures and sketches.

No computer required
Customisable questionnaire

After the Event

Export your data anytime you want

All data is automatically uploaded to the LeadSuccess Portal. The LeadSuccess Portal allows you to export your data anytime as Excel, CSV or PDF. Gateways to your CRM are also possible.

Direct export from LeadSuccess Portal

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